Zeta Phi Beta: A Tradition of Excellenc

Zeta Phi Beta: A Tradition of Excellenc

Zeta Phi Beta is a historically black sorority that was founded on the campus of Howard University in 1920. The sorority is dedicated to promoting academic excellence, providing assistance to those in need, and fostering a sense of sisterhood and community among its members. Today, Zeta Phi Beta has over 200,000 members and is active on college campuses across the United States.

The History of Zeta Phi Beta
Zeta Phi Beta was founded on January 16, 1920 by five women who wanted to promote higher education and provide assistance to those in need. The organization's founding principles are reflected in its motto, "A Community-Conscious, Action-Oriented Organization." From its beginnings at Howard University, Zeta Phi Beta has grown to include over 200,000 members across the United States.

The sorority has a long tradition of service and philanthropy. One of the organization's most well-known initiatives is the Stork's Nest program, which provides expectant mothers with resources and support to help them have healthy pregnancies. Other programs sponsored by Zeta Phi Beta include voter registration drives, financial literacy training, and mentorship programs for young girls.

Zeta Phi Beta is also known for its signature events, such as the Blue Revue talent show and the Miss Black and Gold pageant. These events showcase the talents and achievements of sorority members while raising funds for scholarships and other charitable causes.

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